Hosted Companies

 logo di ACTIONS

Actions aims to improve software technologies by creating tools customisable on users’s needs. The purpose is to empowering professional digital creators, to facilitate novice users and to enable complex softwares interactions for users with physics...

 logo di Be-eco

be-eco ™ for sustainable construction S.r.l. is a company focused on the green building sector promoting innovative and low environmental impact solutions, to be used in retrofit and renovation field. The energy saving approach towards existing...

 logo di BEOND – Be On Drive

BEOND – Be On Drive
BeonD is focus and specialized in most innovative engineering and simulation tools to check the feasibility of concept or beginning product solutions. Moreover thanks to its engineer and industrial partners network is also able to provide to its...

 logo di BRINGME

Thanks to the skills and technologies acquired with four years of experience in the Carpooling sector, Bringme launches Jojob. The mission of Bringme is declining a new carpooling idea, verticalized and focused on the trip home - work, as well unhinge...

 logo di C3M S.r.l.s.

C3M S.r.l.s.
The concept of security and automation are changing fast. The risks increase, arise new threats. C3M operates in the field of safety and building automation thanks to the competence about strategy, digital, technology and operations. C3M supports...


The operating principle of the Easy Rain consists in preventing a large amount of water from touching the tire, by reducing it through an intelligent jet spray system that splashes a fluid in front of or around the tires, with pressure and inclination...

 logo di ENERBRAIN

Enerbrain aims to introduce on the market innovative services for energy monitoring and energy efficiency.

 logo di ENERPAPER

Enerpaper srl, was born as an innovative and international patented cellulose flakes insulating material producer (PCT/052287). It produces reels of cellulose insulation material stabilized from newspaper waste

 logo di EVOLVEA

Evolvea, within Filippetti Group, is the company supplying QEHS services. The fact that Evolvea belongs to Filippetti Group, wich is leader in Information and Communication Technologies, allows to supply integrated services through application of...

 logo di FLAG-MS

FLAG-MS is a company skilled in design and realization of mechatronic systems for industrial and automotive fields. In the automotive field FLAG-MS pays specific attention to the electric powertrain whose development and spread are sharply increasing...

 logo di FREEFOX

Founded as a continuum of other two corporate reality, FreeFox Srl aims to enter into the market of the aquatic fitness and in-water rehabilitation by trying, with its products, to shrink the actual wide gap between these two worlds. As one of the main...

 logo di Functionable

The main product is the TACTEE system. It aims to return a functional hand-grip to people with a functional deficit at their hands, allowing them to perform several daily life actions such as eating, drinking and writing in full independence. Patients...

 logo di GNAMMO

Gnammo is a platform that allows you to share your cooking skills or passion for food with new friends. It offers to everyone, either passionate or professional, the possibility to organize meals and events at their own place.

 logo di Growing Green

Growing Green
The development, production and sale of GRE_EN_Solutions are the Growing Green main mission. GRE_EN_Solutions are indoor - outdoor Living Wall Systems. They are easy assembly modular box systems: thin, lightweight, eco-friendly as well as featured by...

 logo di Hekatè

Hekatè, thanks to a web based platform, allows customers to create and buy a completely customized cosmetic cream with ingredients of natural origin. Thanks to the user friendly driven procedure, according to skin needs, the customer select actives,...

 logo di IXEM

The retrieving of monitoring data may be difficult when the data must be collected from remote sites where the radio coverage is poor or absence. The reasons can be the total absence of cellular coverage or the transmission channel is affected from high...

 logo di Kyneprox Srl

Kyneprox Srl
Kyneprox aims to introduce in the market innovative solutions related to gaming and dynamic simulation through an innovative and patented kinematic platform.

 logo di Leaf Space S.r.l.

Leaf Space S.r.l.
Leaf Space is an innovative start-up aiming to simplify the use of Space for commercial purposes. The company wants to offer a complete service for nano and microsatellites operators, bridging the lack of tailored services, which limits the further...

 logo di LEAP srl

LEAP srl
Powertrain manufacturers have to deal with many constraints during their product development: pollutant emission limits, low CO2 levels, high performance and fuel economy requirements from the customers, etc. Last generation powertrains are complex...

 logo di Lektro Innovation

Lektro Innovation
The ebikes ZEROUNDICI are custom-made bikes, built with the latest available technologies on the market. The business model used is different from the traditional set-up. It is indeed a business model inspired by lean production concepts that minimizes...

 logo di Mediamente Consulting

Mediamente Consulting
Mediamente Consulting is a new company founded in 2012 by recognized IT professionals and VarGroup, a subsidiary of Sesa S.p.a listed at Italian Stock Exchange. Our mission is to guide the IT innovation inside the companies with a focus on Business...

 logo di MIDORI

The resources of our planet are not endless and they have been largely used since now. For this reason today there is the need of increasing the awareness about energy consumption of different activities and productive processes. The mission of Midori is...

 logo di NABOOMBOO

naboomboo has born as a social language network, that is a definition that can be useful to understand its two main principles: being social and permitting to its users to improve their foreign language knowledge. Its mechanism based on time-sharing...

 logo di NITO – Nuova Industria Torinese

NITO – Nuova Industria Torinese
NITO – Nuova Industria Torinese - is born from the desire to respond to the evolving needs of urban populations. It proposes innovative solutions for their mobility in the city. The products from our brand combine efficiency, entertainment and...

 logo di ORCHESTRA

ORCHESTRA is an Italian innovative start-up founded in 2015 by the two entrepreneurs, Guido Colombo and Ivano Albarello. They blend their experiences in M2M (machine to machine) services and electronic design of their last ten years in the business, into...

 logo di PBK

To develop an UAV platform for the delivery of pesticides on crops, in particular for mosquito control, rice farming and viticulture.

 logo di PONY ZERO

Pony Zero is the leading company in last mile green logistics, providing a solution to the problem of urban deliveries by combining the agility of bicycles in built-up areas and Pony Zero’s management software. It provides the fastest and most...

 logo di PR.O.VOICE

PR.O.VOICE develops and supplies customizable electronic devices for non-intrusive monitoring of vocal cords effort. PR.O.VOICE systems provide the monitored subject with real-time indications concerning possible voice mistreatments. The aim of such...

 logo di Radiosa

Radiosa was born with the objective of developing the business and the value of the broadcasting radio system, by the means of providing top technology products and services and the consultancy of well-known professionals and businessmen of the media...

 logo di REPLANT

Replant LTD has its main objective in the promotion of sustainable forest biomass supply chains, the development of renewable energy and the energy efficiency. Its activity focuses mainly in supporting the development of innovative pathways...

 logo di RiparAutOnline

RiparAutOnline’s mission is to become the most efficient price-selecting online tool for vehicle owners. Our costumers will benefit from a high-quality service at the lowest market-price. In parallel, the shops registered with RiparAutOnline will have...

 logo di SADABIKE

Sadabike is an innovative start-up operating in the industry of sustainable mobility. Its very first product is a foldable spokeless hubless city bike, whose other features are attaictive design and originality and high innovative contents in technical...

 logo di Scloby

Develop a new point of sale cloud for merchants and restaurateurs accessible via tablets, smartphones, and computers. Scloby integrates the latest technologies and the mobile web in creating a cloud ecosystem scalable and accessible through the app...

 logo di Sherlock

Every year more than 3 million bicycles are stolen in Europe and bicycle theft is a critical issue worldwide. The problem affects primarily private citizens (bike-commuters and urban cyclists) and bike sharing services. Bicycle theft causes serious...

 logo di SINTOL

Sintol’s project aims to produce “second generation” biofuels via thermochemical treatment of plastic waste. Raw material will be sourced from recycling chain. Unlike sintol’s competitors, produced fuel will meet EU standards UNI EN 6579...


The purpose of the project is to develop plants for the treatment of vegetable and animal oils. The marketable products will be: • both oils treated on company-owned plants ; • pretreatment plants. The developed process allows to use 99% of the...

 logo di SMARTUPP

SmartUPP aims to design an home gateway model intended for consumers who want to use a SmartHome service open and strongly oriented to the best user experience. SmartUPP, in fact, will build a centralized gateway managing all sensors and home automation...

 logo di SYSDEV

Bring to market innovative solutions relating to monitoring systems and automation in the field of IoT (Internet of Things). Raise the intelligence of monitoring and management systems, by increasing exponentially the quantity of sensors deployed and...

 logo di Tyvak International

Tyvak International
Tyvak International SRL represents the most advanced and vertically integrated offering of nanosatellite components and services on the market. We provide turnkey nanosatellite solutions, and we have expression of interest for long-term partnership with...


An oenologic machinery which allows all winemaking processes to be achieved with no decanting and filtering. Our machine allows: wine to be produced with no oxygen; -the use of sulfur dioxide to be reduced up to be eliminated; - laboriousness and...


VívacSo Srl
VívacSo wants to propose new solutions to emerging problems currently faced with old and ineffective biomedical devices. We present our first product: Opponent line, with structure made of composite fibers. The neurological version solves the...

 logo di Water Wells

Water Wells
Water Wells intends to provide an innovative patented system for the construction of wells for drinking water. Our system allows to solve the problems of sanitation related to traditional technology ensuring better quality of the water withdrawn from the...

 logo di WATERVIEW

WaterView comes to market with a completely new idea in the field of meteorological monitoring: the first rain gauging solution in the world based on the SmartRAIN technology, which is able to measure the intensity of precipitation from an image. Among...

 logo di YAR

Make musical products that offer an unparalleled audio experience, taking you into the heart of sound, center stage.